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Our Services

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   Registration is the most important step in universities and schools. Because it is the first step of your future in Turkey. With our 6 years of experience, we will be happy to register you with the right information, both with you and on your behalf. We will pick you up from the airport by private car, taxi or the most convenient public transport and register you. You will feel at home.


Dormitory, Hotel, and Rent

  The accommodation problem which the students suffer the most will be history with us. We prepare your accommodation before or after your arrival. Just let us know.

  We offer the best house for rent or dormitory close to your university according to your budget. We have close relations with both brokers and dormitory managers. If you want a dormitory, we guarantee that you will be shown at least 10 dormitories and your accommodation problem will be solved within three days. You will choose the one you want.

  Although it is not difficult to find a house to rent, this is a difficult task for students. The hosts do not want to give rent their houses to even Turkish students. The situation is getting more challenging when you are a foreign citizen. Unfortunately, some hosts give students their homes for very high expenses. Sometimes they can disrupt students in different ways. We will solve such problems for you.


   The laws of the Turkish state are very complicated, changeable, and do not listen to excuses. It's like a complete labyrinth. New students sometimes do not realize this responsibility. Unfortunately, "I will solve it tomorrow" issues lead to delaying some services and it results in penalties. In particular, the heavy workload of government officials and trying to do more works leads to them giving incomplete information to students or misunderstanding. Moreover, there are a few government officials who know English enough in Turkey, in some places there are non. We guarantee that you will not experience such difficulties. We organize the implementation of bureaucratic work that will facilitate our student's residence in Turkey and will be needed in the future. We also help to open a bank account, getting proper transportation cards.

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There are many different rules in Turkey than in other countrıes. There are problems such as currency exchange offices not working on weekends, and each currency exchange office exchanges money at different rates.

Others servıces as follows:

Currency exchange at the best price
School/University recognition letter
Apostille of documents

Pay tuition fees.
Pay the dormitory fee.
Receive and send student documents.
Obtaining the necessary documents for military service
Purchase of plane tickets
Obtaining Mobile Phone Numbers. (Only for those who are 18 years old)
Regular Information to Parents (with the permission of students over 18)
Invitation to Special Events

Legal counseling.
Money transfers.

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