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About us

The comfort brought by Knowledge and Experience.

Student Company in Turkey was officially established in Ankara in 2021. The purpose of the company is to provide various services to students studying in Ankara. We offer the service we have been doing voluntarily for 6 years now to our dear students professionally. In the first years in this city, where we lived as students, we suffered a lot, and over time we saw that everyone suffered. We have witnessed that some of our students have been deceived by making false promises, that landlords have lied while renting houses, that they have been unjustly abused over time, and that some dormitories have been used to deceive our students out of ignorance. We have come across many scammers who do not prepare the documents properly, deceive many of our students and spend a lot of money, and deceive our students to the point of exit from the country. Therefore, in order to avoid these problems, we decided to serve you with our experience and knowledge. We also provided additional consulting services to Education Abroad companies located in Azerbaijan. It is just trying to do our best to help our students in the COVID-19 pandemic, which began in 2020. We paid the tuition fees of 350 of our students at minimal cost. We physically registered 8 of our students at universities. We solved the legal problems of 2 of our students. We placed 12 students in different dormitories. The quality of our service is our customers. Honesty is our capital. We gave everyone an account of our service with written and official documents. We are proud of the service we have provided to more than 1,000 students in these six years. When a parent says on the phone, "We're comfortable saying you're there," it's more valuable to us than any material thing. We believe in our honesty and guarantee that we will provide legal services to you in case of any problems you may encounter with us. You can solve your business without us, but with us you will save both time and unnecessary expenses. Let's go to Success together. We are honored to make the Foreign Student Company a family individual in Turkey.

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