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Edevlet/Electronic Government


What is Edevlet?

Edevlet is an online system created for faster resolution of official bureaucratic affairs with 886 states and companies in Turkey. In the system with about 60 million users, many cases can be solved without going to the official authorities.   is also serving mobile phone. Foreign citizens residing in Turkey can use this service as well as Turkish citizens. 

How to buy Edevlet?

E devlet can be purchased at any PTT located in Turkey by presenting the ID. For the first buyers, a password is provided by paying 3 TL. If you forget the password, you can get a second password by paying 10 TL at PTT centers. Passwords to be received from PTT are given only to the person himself. 

What can be done in Edevlet?

  • Inquiry services (court opened in your name, debt to state institutions, etc.)

  • Application Services (accommodation, university registration, etc.)

  • Integrated Services (services created by combining the services of more than one institution)

  • Document extraction services (certificate of university studies, certificate of residence, etc.) 

  • Payment Services

  • Information Services

  • Payment Services

  • Subscription Services (Water, Electricity, Gas, GSM, etc.)

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