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What is an Apostille?

   Apostille is an authentication mechanism that confirms the authenticity of a document and makes it valid in other countries. Apostille rules were approved by the Hague Convention on October 6, 1961 and are valid among countries that are parties to this convention. 


What should be in the apostilled documents?

       You have been given the name of the country;
    Name of the person signing the document;
    Case of the person signing the document;
    Which institution belongs to the stamp on the document
    Where approved;
    Date approved;
    Institution issuing Apostille;
    Apostille number;
    Seal of the institution issuing the Apostille;
    Signature of a related person issuing the apostille. 


Where is the Apostille done in Turkey?


   Apostille is made in the Governorates or Governorships in Turkey. Legal documents must be approved at the Justice Commission Presidencies.

    Apostille of some documents may consist of several stages. For example, it is not easy to apostille the certificates received from the hospital. For that, the relevant body approves it in the provincial/morning institution and then approves it in the governorates.

Attention students

   Students graduating from Turkey must have their diplomas and transcripts apostilled. In addition, certificates obtained from universities for military service must be apostilled.

    The authority to issue Apostille in Azerbaijan is at the Ministry of Justice or Asan Service centers.

Our apostille services

You can contact us if you need our Apostille service. We can help you import the document from Azerbaijan, approve the document and send it back. At the same time, we can buy for you the documents that you bought here and that need to be bought here and send them to the right address either by plane or by post.

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